It's been ages since we've heard about The Hardy Men, the feature project that would watch The Hardy Boys reunite as men to solve a new crime old-school style. It was to star Ben Stiller and Tom Cruise, had Shawn Levy on as director, and last we heard, Simon Kinberg was going to do some rewriting. That was back in 2007. Now Levy has talked to Starpulse about why it's taking so long to get to the screen.

"Developing a movie for a movie star is hard. Developing a movie for two movie stars is a very, very challenging enterprise. The bull's eye is small and the tone has to be exactly right. So we are still working on it." When asked about Tropic Thunder, he continued: "Yes, I saw how well Ben and Tom got along and that's what gave me the idea of wait a second, I've got to do a movie with them together. Wait a second, let's do The Hardy Men with them together. That brainchild came about because I saw their chemistry as friends."

Friends ... who are very difficult to write for. From the sounds of it, Levy can't find a script that makes both Stiller and Cruise happy, because it can't really be the challenge of writing two distinct voices for two stars -- sequel and series writers do that every day, and often do it well, as does any writer catering a movie to stars they have in mind. To add to that, Levy says they have tried several mysteries that the boys could face, but "have not locked in on one." They can't get the tone right, nor lock in on a mystery? I'm thinking this one should stay dead and buried if that's the case. How 'bout you?
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