It's traveled through the film circuit collecting killer reviews, and now Andrea Arnold's Fish Tank is gearing up for a January 15 release with a U.S. trailer, which backs up the buzz. The film follows a young and troubled girl named Mia (Katie Jarvis) who lives in mediocre housing with her cold, single mother (Kierston Wareing). She clashes with just about everyone -- mom, kids, the authorities -- until her mother starts dating a new man, Connor (Michael Fassbender), who she feels connected to.

The trailer pretty much lets the film speak for itself -- troubled girl in crappy circumstances, struggling to stay afloat. But like Red Road, which took a simple premise and formed it into a gut-wrenching affair, Fish Tank looks to have a whole lot of depth to back up the usual coming-of-age tropes.

As for the killer reviews... It's got a 92% fresh rating out of 36 reviews, and our Todd Gilchrist wrote from AFI: "Arnold has really created one of the absolute best coming-of-age stories I've seen in several years, because it accurately observes that sometimes just being able to survive is triumph enough, even if all of your hopes and dreams don't come true." (Part of that quote appears in the film's trailer.) On top of that, it's won almost every award it's been nominated for.

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