If your movie buying habits are anything like mine, after making the upgrade to Blu-ray you constantly find yourself doing the "Is that out on Blu-ray yet?" dance. Since the cost of manufacturing has been declining in years in conjunction with a climbing hardware adoption rate, 2010 may be the first year that studios really begin to pump out new discs from their extensive back catalog of films. Obviously Blu-rays for older films have been around as long as the medium, but distributors always wait for the dust to settle on a format war before they break out their big guns. They have to know that consumers are going to be willing to pay for something a second time (or more, depending on how often you double dipped on DVDs in the early '00s), and if what's already on the docket for the coming year is any indication, it looks like the marketplace has finally created those conditions.

Now of course one can expect a Blu-ray release of an original film ahead of its big budget studio remake (here's looking at you, Clash of the Titans, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Piranha etc. etc.) or BDs for a director's older films around the time of the release of their newest work (here's hoping for The Abyss when Avatar hits home), but a good chunk of titles have already been announced for the year that have no marketing tie-in. So if you've been wondering if your favorite old movie has a Blu-ray on the horizon, give the list below a scan. Unfortunately there aren't specific street dates for most of these titles yet, though I've noted dates when applicable, but all should be arriving at some point this year.
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