"Another coming of age film starring Michael Cera. Yawn. I can't wait."

That's what ran through my head when I was invited to see director Miguel Arteta's ('The Good Girl', 'Chuck & Buck') 'Youth In Revolt,' based upon C.D. Payne's novel. I feel like I've seen Michael Cera come of age so many times now that he should be 45 years old. Reluctantly, I drove to the movie lot to see a screening of the film. When I have to see a movie on a studio lot, I begin to panic. I am directionally challenged. Just seeing a map gives me an anxiety attack. The only way I find my way around Los Angeles successfully is knowing that I live south of the Santa Monica mountains. I am constantly looking for mountains to determine where I am.

When you arrive at a studio lot, filled with sound stages where films and television shows are in production, you are usually given directions like, "The screening is taking place in the "fill in the blank" screening room. Walk straight ahead. When you reach the giant black tarp, turn left. Keep walking. When you see a red sign on the corner of a large brown building, turn left. Walk 76 paces, spin around 5 times and then turn left. Turn right. Turn left. Walk 3 steps on a 37 degree angle to the northwest. Do a half turn to the right and you will arrive at the screening room."