When Jason Reitman cast Anna Kendrick in Up in the Air last November, every news article rang with She's The Next Big Thing prophecies (including ours.) Not surprisingly, they all turned out to be right, and Kendrick has her pick of juicy roles. She must have a thing for dramedy, because according to The Hollywood Reporter, she's signed onto Seth Rogen and James McAvoy's cancer comedy.

Formerly titled I'm With Cancer, the project hit a snag in November when director Nicole Holofcener left due to a disagreement over filming location. Jonathan Levine has now stepped in to direct, and Kendrick's arrival has blessed the production, and it's all back on track. It begins shooting in Vancouver (hometown of producer and costar Rogen) this February.

Critics and audiences might begin sharpening their knives at Kendrick's character description -- she'll be playing "a young psychologist assigned to handle Adam's case [played by McAvoy] despite her lack of real world experience." That sounds dangerously close to the character she played in Up in the Air, and could quickly typecast her as that young employee who is always out of her depth. She'll have to really dig in and bring her to life so that the similarities are only on paper. Do you think she can pull it off?
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