Still depressed that Pandora isn't real and that you'll never be a super-hot blue alien person? Well, prepare to feel the hurt more deeply in your loins because James Cameron has announced that a passionate lovemaking scene between Avatar's Jake Sully and Neytiri, glimpsed as a family friendly grope-athon in the theatrical release, will be inserted back into the film for the home release after hitting the cutting room floor in post-production.

Speaketh Lord Cameron:

"We had it in [the movie] and we cut it out so that will be something for the special edition DVD – if you want to see how they have sex."

And how do they have sex? Apparently by plugging into each other. But with their hair. The same hair that's been plugged into dragons and dirt all day. Eww.

I hope the extended DVD/Blu-Ray release of Avatar will have something more substantial than mere alien sex (maybe a little more story, eh?), because I'm not too excited to see Na'vi bumpin' and pluggin.' Thanks James Cameron. You've probably just invented a brand new geek fetish. Thanks a lot.

(Via The Telegraph)
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