Have you tried the tasty beverages at Big Kahuna Burger? When was the last time you treated yourself to appetizers at Chotchkies? Do you sometimes get that craving for Mr. Smiley's delicious golden-brown onion rings?

Well, too bad. Those places aren't real. Big Kahuna Burger is just some joint Quentin Tarantino dreamed up, the closest thing to Chotchkie's is the local TGI Friday's, and Mr. Smiley's only exists as a means of escape from a mundane career for American Beauty's Lester Burnham (played by Kevin Spacey).

Slatemaster has a massive list of these fictional eateries, from Date Movie's A Restaurant to Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure's Ziggy Piggy. Phony restaurants from The Simpsons seem to dominate the list, but there are dozens of familiar establishments from television, comics, video games, and film. I'd actually eat at Pizza Planet if it existed, but I can't say the same for Mooby's.

What's your favorite fictional restaurant?

(Thanks to @AGolden1 for sharing the link via Twitter!)
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