Matthew Goode in 'Leap Year'British actor Matthew Goode slips so seamlessly into his movie roles that it's hard to believe he's not really an upper-class pretty boy ('Match Point'), a smooth-talking American sleazeball ('The Lookout') or an, um, ageless Germanic superhero ('Watchmen'), all of whom he made completely believable onscreen. Not many other actors could have withstood comparisons to Jeremy Irons' portrayal of Charles Ryder in 'Brideshead Revisited,' the iconic '80s miniseries. But Goode was better than good in the 2008 film remake; again, he nailed the role.

He first came to the attention of American filmgoers as Mandy Moore's love interest in the 2004 romcom 'Chasing Liberty' and nearly stole Brit dramedy 'Imagine Me & You' as a self-deprecating groom whose bride falls for another woman on their wedding day. Most recently he played (in flashbacks) the deceased object of Colin Firth's sorrow in 'A Single Man.'
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