I think some of the most delightful and fun films are the ones you first loathed, worried about, or cringed at the thought of. When filmmakers can gather all of your apprehension up in a large ball and throw it out the window with ease, that's impressive. There's no reliance on fandom, loyalty, and hope.

The Nightmare on Elm Street series were always my favorite horror movies, starting when I was just a kid and would watch the watered down versions on daytime TV -- seeing Brooke Theiss turn into a bug, or Lisa Wilcox try to protect her unborn baby. The thought of a remake was far from music to my ears. But then Jackie Earle Haley signed on, we got the first trailer, and now a new brief featurette for Nightmare on Elm Street that mixes some scenes from the film with brief interviews about what has changed and how Haley becomes the new Freddy Kreuger. You can check it out after the jump.

I'm completely sold, whilst still trying to keep the anticipation and expectation to a minimum. But what about you? Has this new incarnation of Elm Street piqued your curiosity, or will no one but Robert Englund ever be Freddy in your eyes?