Two lovers on a cliff side in Ireland. It's their first time daring to be so intimate. He's pressuring her, she's lightly resisting, but in the end their passions collide and they consummate their love for the first time. And then, mid-coitus the man's body goes rigid. He's freezing to death. Or, more accurately, she is somehow freezing him to death.

That's how Jason Starr's debut graphic novel The Chill, published by Vertigo, opens. No explanations, just an intimate exchange that turns deadly without a moment's notice. The girl flees home panic stricken, screaming for her father's help, fearing that he'll be angry she lost her virginity. But he's not. It's a moment the savage looking man has clearly been waiting for for some time and his reaction to it is something both the young lass, and the reader, don't see coming.

It's a strong, well crafted opening that hooks you onto this story before jumping ahead 40 odd year to present day New York City. There's a woman going around town luring in horny men for an unknown purpose. When she hooks up with said horny man, the titular affliction is unleashed, freezing the poor guy to death. The cops have no idea why the murders appear ritualistic in nature, nor can they get a positive identification on the woman because every witness who lays eyes on her sees their own ultimate sexual fantasy. But when details of the murders start to make waves on the national news, a rough looking Irish drunk in a bar in Boston catches wind of it and heads to the Big Apple to settle a score that started 40 odd years earlier.
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