Many say Michael Cera lacks range. He's played the awkward, cousin-obsessed George Michael, the awkward university tour guide on Veronica Mars, awkward Evan in Superbad and Paulie in Juno ... you get the picture. But see, it wasn't always the way of the terminally awkward. Before all that, he was a mental murderer.

In an effort to show his range, Cera brought an old clip with him to an interview with David Letterman. Back before he hit Hollywood, when he was acting in Canadian TV and chilling in the same hood as the real-life Lars and the Real Girl guy (Brampton, Ontario), Cera had a brief guest role on La Femme Nikita. It was back in 2000, and Cera played a kid named Jerome who could not only control people's minds, but also kill them with the power of his own little mind, as he's caught in some weird foam fort thing.

So there's your range, although I think seeing Cera with a crew cut, looking like a little, sporty punk of a kid is much more shocking than his mental prowess. Check out the clip for yourself after the jump.