When it comes to the world of digital media, Hollywood is still a little behind the curve -- but to give them their due, at least they seem to be doing something about it. In an article in Variety, a consortium of studios and retailers dubbed "the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem" revealed plans to develop a single format to enable digital entertainment to be played on different platforms and devices. According to them, a 'buy once, play anywhere' plan would increase revenue by broadening their market and giving them access to audiences who like to watch their movies/TV on mobile devices or gaming consoles, and now that the sales of digital content are rising, studios are looking for a way to start controlling their own content rather than letting retailers dictate the price and format.

The group has landed big-name participants, including Fox Entertainment Group, NBC Universal, Paramount, Sony, Warner Bros. and Lionsgate among the group's 48 members, along with companies like like Best Buy, Netflix, and Microsoft have also joined. Now you've probably noticed that a certain 'fruit-based' tech giant has not signed on, but considering they're a huge presence in the business (iTunes stores and the proliferation of iPods and iPhones) Apple's participation in the project could be key to the project's success. But they aren't the only hold-outs, as Disney has also not agreed to join the group, but instead is working on a "cloud computing technology dubbed KeyChest to digitally store and distribute its pics to paying subscribers."

Most of the the technical details have yet to be revealed, but one thing is for sure: there must be a better way to watch movies on your computer or mobile device, and even though a universal format might not help...it certainly can't hurt.
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