Once upon a time, Bobby and PeterFarrelly Bros were the kings of gross out comedy. They were blamed for the death of modern cinema, then hailed as geniuses after everyone took Grandma to see There's Something About Mary. And then they grew up and made things like Fever Pitch, and others stepped up to take their peeing-on-a-moped place. (I have to say, I'll always have a soft spot for Dumb and Dumber, if only because every foreigner I meet says "Colorado? Like Aspen in Dumb and Dumber? That's so cool!")

As they work on getting The Three Stooges off the ground, the Farrellys have decided they can't sit idle, and have rescued Hall Pass from Fox and remade it at New Line. According to The Hollywood Reporter, they've also lured Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis to the project. Sadly, Hall Pass doesn't sound particularly enticing. The story centers on a married couple who are bored in their relationship. Rather than do the obvious thing and either take a vacation or get a divorce, they decide to take a page from HBO's Big Love and open things up. The wife gives her husband a "free pass" to have an affair. Sudeikis will play the carded manslut's best friend, who also wrangles a pass from his own wife. Presumably, while the men are out spreading their seed, the women will stay home and embroider. Who says chivalry is dead?

Other than Sudeikis (who I genuinely like), this sounds like your standard Owen Wilson sex comedy but without Vince Vaughn or Ben Stiller. You can guess the ending from where you're sitting right now. So, they should do the obvious and cast Jennifer Aniston so they can play out that evergreen Friends episode "We were on a break!" At least then it'll go meta.

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