Normally I don't watch clips from films posted online, but that's mainly because I'm perfectly willing to wait to see the first 10 minutes of, say, A Nightmare on Elm Street when it hits theaters. I am, however, willing to press play when it's a clip from a film about which the only thing I know is that I've never heard of it and I'll probably never get the chance to see it in theaters. Such is Exam, a film I didn't even know existed 10 minutes ago; a film I now have a hunger to see.

IGN has an exclusive clip for the British thriller (currently lacking a release date on IMDb) and if you have any of the same film tastes I do, you'd do well to watch it below. It's a simple glimmer of the mystery on display, enough to leave you only theorizing as to what it's about. And to preface the clip, all I'll offer is the IGN description that lured me in.

"An extended scene from this thought-provoking thriller about a group of candidates tackling the exam of their lives."
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