While the announcement of most remakes are immediately dismissed by movie geeks, Robocop seemed liked the one property that folks were honestly curious about. Just what did writer/director Darren Aronofsky want to do with MGM's satirical action hero?

We've waited a long time to find out, and we may have to wait even longer, as Moviehole reports that studio chiefs are butting heads with Aronofsky over their desire to see the new film in 3-D. Personally, I'd much rather see a Robocop film in 2-D with Aronofsky as the helmer than a 3-D remake directed by God-knows-who. Aronofsky's an amazing director, and we've yet to see him take on a mainstream studio film like this.

For better or worse, I think you're going to see more news about 3-D projects in the coming weeks, as studios evaluate the success of Avatar to determine which films they can transform (and retroactively shoehorn) into large-scale three-dimensional events. I like 3-D quite a bit, but how many movies will it take before the gimmick begins to lose its impact?
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