This fall at Fantastic Fest, a 3D exhibit showing several different types of televisions with 3D capability were wowing crowds. Even an ordinary street scene looked gorgeous.

3D televisions are on the market, but being a state of the art technology means the price tag is pretty hefty, and beyond most people's reach. But Vizio, an upstart television manufacturer known for quality and affordability, is expected to have low-price 3D televisions before fall.

Right now, a 42" Panasonic 3D TV goes for $8,999, which is about ten times what I'm currently willing to pay for a new TV. But the Vizio 47" will be available in August for a mere $1,999 (with other sizes available as well).

Toshiba has just announced a 2D to 3D conversion television, and LG is also announcing new 3D models soon.

As sweet as the images on the 3D screens are (and that's no exaggeration), it's still outside my economic bracket. But I'm more conservative when it comes to new gadgets, and not interested in being the first on the block with the latest and greatest. So it's not too early to start planning your holiday wish lists now, with 11 months to save up for a new TV.

What do you think? Will you buy a 3D TV or wait until there's more 3D content for it?

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