It's tough to be both a horror fan and a Blu-ray junkie. Sure, any new theatrical release is bound to hit in high definition when it inevitably releases, but studios tend to require some kind of marketing tie-in to justify releasing a catalog horror film on BD. Case in point, Platinum Dunes' upcoming remake of Wes Craven's A Nightmare on Elm Street. With that bullseye on the horizon, Warner Home Video and New Line finally are out of excuses to hold on to releasing the 1984 original here in the States.

Now I say here in the States because ANOES actually had a Canadian Blu-ray issued early on in the format wars, a disc that is now currently out of print and highly sought after as it boasted a reportedly stunning transfer (new copies of the fabled disc sell on Amazon for $127, used for $66). Hopefully this Stateside WB disc finds the same praise. You can find out when it hits retailers on April 6th. In the meantime, Shock has shared with us the special features you can expect.

- Ready Freddy Focus Points: See alternate takes and learn filmmaking secrets behind the nightmare by jumping to video highlights while watching the movie
- 2 Commentaries: 1.) Director Wes Craven, Co-Stars Heather Langenkamp and John Saxon and Cinematographer Jacques Haitkin, 2.) Wes Craven, Co-Stars Robert Englund, Heather Langenkamp and Ronee Blakley, Producer Robert Shaye and Co-Producer Sara Risher Robert Shaye
- Alternate Endings
- 3 Featurettes: The House That Freddy Built: The Legacy of New Line Horror; Never Sleep Again: The Making of A Nightmare on Elm Street; Night Terrors: The Origins of Wes Craven's Nightmares

[Note: No high res cover art is available yet, so the picture above is from McFarlane Toys' awesome 3D ANOES poster.]
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