Starring in a vampire movie being released in January doesn't sound like a great career movie, but Ethan Hawke and Willem Dafoe are on board for the Spiereg brothers' 'Daybreakers,' one of three new wide-opening movies that will be swatted away like moths by James Cameron's runaway blockbuster 'Avatar.'

'Daybreakers' is the second feature for the Australian writers/directors/brothers team and it doesn't have a very high hill to climb to beat their debut film, 2005's 'Undead.' That horror film, about residents of an Australian fishing village who are bombed by meteorites and turned into ravenous, hollow-eyed zombies, was undead on arrival in the U.S. But it had stars with names like Mungo McKay and Dirk Hunter, so the Hawke/Dafoe pairing is a major marquee upgrade.