In the past few years, the vampire film has been in the forefront of our cultural zeitgeist.

With popular, blood-sucking fare like the 'Twilight' films and the top-rated HBO show 'True Blood' heating up your movie and TV screens, one might think that the genre has reached its zenith and that the trend might be on its last legs -- or, more appropriately, has been sucked dry.

Swooping into theaters Friday is 'Daybreakers,' a vampire movie highly touted by fan-boy sites like Cinematical and CHUD as a "smarter, more refreshing take on the vampire genre" and "unique," respectively. The premise of the film is quite simple: Vampires take over as the dominant species in the year 2019, with humans now on the run, fearing that they will be relocated to high-tech, blood-draining farms by the vamps.