When I read earlier that Warner Bros. is delaying Netflix's access to the studio's new releases, I was initially upset. How dare they punish me just because I choose to rent rather than buy DVDs? Then I remembered that most WB titles end up on my queue for about a year before they make it up to the spot where they're shipped out to me. That's the beauty of being a movie watcher rather than a movie collector: I can wait, because there's a bazillion other films available that I haven't seen that I can watch in the meantime.

Those bazillion -- a number that stays pretty constant year after year thanks to all the new movies made annually -- will always be why I don't buy DVDs or Blu-ray or any of that stuff. Why own a movie? To see it again and again? Not when there are so many others to see before I die. And if I do want to re-watch something, it's likely pretty accessible through Netflix if I don't need the film immediately (though we bloggers sometimes do need such immediacy for timely research/reference). And now at least instant streaming options allow for improved quickness with many titles.
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