Sandra BullockWith both The Proposal and The Blind Side under her belt (let's just forget about All About Steve, 'mkay?), Sandra Bullock was the biggest box office star of 2009. Both roles garnered Golden Globe nominations, although some might wonder what, in the bigger scheme of movie-making, the Golden Globes really have to offer other than a night of Rickey Gervais making fun of celebs, Oscar prognostication and water cooler talk aside. I'm glad to see both the return of Bullock and a woman-led film bringing in the most bucks in 2009.

But while I enjoyed The Proposal despite myself and most of the ideas I hold dear, I couldn't bring myself to see The Blind Side, which seemed Forrest Gump-like in its smug feel- and do-goodery.

Yes, I know that The Blind Side is based on a true story, and I do believe that taking someone into your home and treating him or her as your flesh and blood is acting as what one might call a true Christian. (Or doing a mitzvah, etc. etc.) And in this case, real life is even better than the movies; the young homeless boy that Bullock's onscreen family adopts, Michael Oher, now plays for the NFL Ravens, on top of being the subject of The Blind Side and the book it was based on.
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