Reitman photographs JetteI interviewed director Jason Reitman in October, when he brought his latest film Up in the Air to the Austin Film Festival. It was a fun interview, but he did something unusual beforehand: took my picture with his iPhone. When I asked him why, he told me only, "I'm not sure if that's going to work, what I'm doing with that, but if it does, you'll be thrilled with the results." I've been wondering about that photo for several months now, and keeping an eye on Reitman's Twitter feed to see if I've missed anything.

This morning, all became clear ... and he was right, I am thrilled. Slashfilm has premiered a video from the filmmaker called "Lost in the Air: The Jason Reitman Press Simulator." Reitman took photos of every person who interviewed him, every hotel room where the interviews were staged, and various other details -- I caught a tiny glimpse of the Paramount Theater where the movie screened in Austin. It's a speedy, quirky look at what must have been a grueling press tour, and a sobering reminder to interviewers about how interchangeable we must seem at such times. Reitman did take a nice photo of me, although honestly you're unlikely to pick it out (34 seconds in) since they fly by so quickly. The video is embedded after the jump.
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