Every day I wake up and every day I promise myself that I won't be writing about Avatar again. Surely we've exhausted this one by now, right? Maybe we have. Maybe that's why we're talking about a sequel now.

Ain't It Cool News has the story from an anonymous reader who attended a post-screening Q&A with James Cameron and two of his visual effects guys. After some "Making this movie was super-hard!" discussion, Cameron answered a question about a potential follow-up: "Yes, there'll be another." And that it may end up being a trilogy.

I don't think this is the first time we've heard of a sequel, but I'm pretty sure this is the first time we've heard it from the man himself. With Avatar's gross passing one billion dollars the other day, it was simply a matter of time before someone started talking sequel. I'm just surprised it's Cameron and not 20th Century Fox.

We can probably expect Avatar 2/Jake Sully and the Temple of Doom/Quaritch Strikes Back sometime in the next twelve years. In the meantime, Cameron will rest on his laurels, Fox will count their money, blue body paint will be sold out everywhere in San Diego when Comic Con hits town and SciFiSquad.com will continue bringing you stories about Pandora and the Na'vi.
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