Starring Amy Adams and Matthew Goode,'Leap Year' hopes to be that sweet Irish trifle during an otherwise wretched month of studio programming.

In the film, Adams plays a hopelessly romantic Manhattanite waiting for her upper-class, cardiologist boyfriend (Adam Scott) to propose. When he doesn't get down on one knee, she decides to follow him to Ireland to propose marriage on Leap day, a supposed Irish tradition where a woman can propose to a man on Feb 29.

Her journey to Dublin doesn't end up exactly how she had planned, as a handsome Irish bloke (Matthew Goode) turns out to be a lot more than just a feisty pub-owner and sometimes cab-driver.

With a measly 17 percent rating at Rotten Tomatoes, the critics have mostly not warmed to this winter romantic comedy. Roger Ebert points out, though, that the two leads -- Adams and Goode -- have the necessary "buoyancy" to keep this film from completely sinking. Here's a selection of 'Leap Year' reviews.
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