This past year was defined in part by the number of remakes, either released or announced, that plagued the silver screen. Many were films that were welcomed with open arms (My Bloody Valentine 3-D) while other were denounced by the horror community before being embraced with open arms (Friday the 13th). Naturally, any mention of a remake is bound to be met with the inevitable "Why?" no matter how obscure or ridiculous the original is. This certainly goes for the remake of Let the Right One In, the brilliant Swedish vampire-romance that was not Twilight.

The Matt Reeves-directed (Cloverfield) remake, retitled Let Me In, officially has a release date. According to those fine folks over at FEARNet, October 1st is the day when it will be unleashed on the big screen, giving horror fanboys another remake to officially complain about. The film stars Kodi Smit-McPhee and Chloe Moretz as Oscar and Eli, renamed Owen and Abby, alongside Richard Jenkins and Casey Jo- I mean Elias Koteas.

Let Me In is currently being filmed in Albuquerque, New Mexico and will be distributed by Overture Films. A detailed synopsis can be found after the jump.
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