In my rundown of what comic-based heroines we were going to see onscreen in 2010, I managed to leave out a really cool one: Bethany Cabe ofIron Man 2, who will be played by Kate Mara. When Mara was cast in an "unspecified role" last April, I wondered if she would be playing Cabe and that's since been confirmed by IMDB and Empire. For once, I was right! But I'm less thrilled about that than I am about what this could mean for future Iron Man installments. Cabe is no slouch in Tony Stark's world, and while she may not have the spin-off possibilities of Black Widow, she'll probably be kicking some ass.

Not surprisingly, Cabe first appeared in the pages of Iron Man as most women do -- as a hot chick that Tony wanted to sleep with. They began dating, and initially she was just one of those pesky people Tony had to hide his Iron Man identity from. But then came a scuffle with a sleazy oil company, and Cabe pulled a Vesper Lynd. She had ties to the government, and was a bodyguard working for Cabe and McPherson Security Specialists. (Her own company!) Everyone thought Tony could use a little help, and he was quite grateful they sent him extremely gorgeous protection.

Still unaware of Tony's secret suit, she rescued him from not one, but three supervillains: The Melter, Whiplash, and Blizzard. But Cabe was pissed that Iron Man was engaging in battle for Atlantic City instead of protecting Tony. Apparently, Atlantic City is less important than Stark and while there's probably some aspect of that story I've forgotten, Cabe's continued issues with "Iron Man never helps you!" seemed like a cheesy way to break them up. Which, of course, they did. Tony needs to be free, or the young readers get bored with his icky boyfriend stuff.
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