The guys over at Renegade Kid and Southpeak Games have finally unveiled the official Dementium II website, and I'm going on record as saying it's quite creepy.

The new site (which replaces the teaser one from a month or so ago) starts out as a page for the title's fictional Bright Dawn Treatment Center for the Criminally Insane. There's nice classical music and lots of cheery looking photos, but clicking on the patient webcam is your first hint that something's amiss beneath the placid facade. Further clicking eventually reveals the real site, a bloody and gruesome page with details about the game's story, screenshots, and a webcam featuring staff dealing with one of the facility's numerous corpses.

The title is a sequel to the cult Nintendo DS first-person horror title, Dementium: The Ward. In this new outing players take the role of William Redmoor, the recipient of radical brain surgery at the institute. Unfortunately, said surgery doesn't seem to have worked as Redmoor is still seeing demons and now believes his doctor is out to get him as well. Work to uncover what's really happening at Bright Dawn by literally confronting his demons and trying to learn once and for all if he's truly insane.

Dementium II is set to make its North American debut on February 16th.
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