Awards ceremonies can never win. The biggies like the Oscars and the Golden Globes only open up aggravation about all the films they miss, and then ceremonies like MTV Movie Awards or the People's Choice just widen the divide between rabid fandom and discerning film fiends.

The "People" have spoken and for the 36th annual People's Choice Awards ceremony, vampires rule the school. Since this is about a whole lot more than just movies, there was love for The Vampire Diaries and True Blood, but everyone's favorite sparkly vampires and cuddly werewolves had their glory with four awards -- Favorite Movie, On-Screen Team, Franchise, and -- unsurprisingly -- Breakout Movie Actor for Taylor Lautner, Mr. Soon-to-be-Superstar or Soon-to-be-Superflop.

The rest of the awards aren't very surprising either. Johnny Depp grabbed Favorite Movie Actor, Sandra Bullock picked up the Actress trophy, Hugh Jackman got Action Star even with the disappointment over Wolverine, Jim Carrey still grabs comedy hearts, Inglorious Basterds took the lead on Indie Movies, The Proposal nabbed the comedy accolade from almost universally crappy options, and Up grabbed Favorite Family Movie.

If the Awards were following the tastes of your people, who would come out on top?
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