The one thing I enjoyed about The Lovely Bones was Saoirse Ronan's performance. I hesitate to say that she's destined for greatness simply because that seems so loaded with disappointment or danger. But she's certainly a talented and lovely actress, and I'm eager to see what she does next. Her next role may be the one that really makes her a force to be reckoned with as The Hollywood Reporter says she'll be taking the lead in Hanna.

Directed by Joe Wright (who is clearly loyal to his leading ladies), Hanna is the tale of an Eastern European teenager who is being trained as an assassin by her own father. As she suffers her training and growing pains, she becomes friendly with a French family and connects with their teenage daughter. But duty calls, and she's dragged back into her lethal life where she discovers she was bred in a CIA prison camp simply to be a killing machine. If she wants freedom, she'll have to fight for it.

The similarities to Kick-Ass and Leon have already been noted, though Focus Features is selling Seth Lochhead and David Farr's script as something more in line with La Femme Nikita and the Bourne films. It may sound derivative, but assassin movies inevitably are no matter if they center on a teenage girl, a hardbitten agent, or an adamantium-laced mutant. The hook here is Wright's lush visuals, and Ronan cutting loose as an action heroine. There's nothing about that combination that's yawn inducing, and I'll take teenage hitgirls over Hanna Montana any day.
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