There's something rather fun about watching the studios scramble for summer release dates. It's such a relatively new game, as we all seemed to realize when we did our summer retrospective series. But now, every weekend is a hot commodity and the 2011 card game has already started. With Spider-Man 4 delayed, and likely unable to make its May 6, 2011 release date, Variety reports that Thor has moved up and taken it. The hammer-wielding god was originally set to make his debut on May 20, 2011.

Thor and Spidey are now in a bit of a stand-off. Sony has not officially given up that May 6 date, and could feasibly rush Spider-Man 4into production in order to make it. If that's the case, Thor would have to find another release date, and probably wouldn't be able to reclaim May 20 as another blockbuster will undoubtedly move to take its place.

But realistically, Sony probably can't make May 6. Thor starts filming in another week or so. It's cast, crew, and script are set. As we know, Spider-Man 4 doesn't even have a villain let alone anyone to play him (or her). Even if Sony and Sam Raimi split up over creative differences, I doubt they can coordinate talent schedules quickly enough. But hey, May 2011 is over a year away and when a studio wants to get something done, they can. But for now, May 6 belongs to Thor.
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