More than a few major contenders for the two Screenplay Oscars are going to miss out on their chances for one of the biggest award precursors. The Writers Guild of America will announce its nominees for Original and Adapted Screenplays on Monday and a solid batch of contenders have been deemed ineligible. This is knowledge we should have known by now, but is starting to get reported so us Oscar prognosticators don't dismiss their eventual chances.

Those of us who belong to critic groups know when a studio has dropped faith in their product for year-end accolades. They simply don't send screeners. Granted, some groups get a little more favoritism than others from the Academy on down, but one look at any studio's "For Your Consideration" site and you begin to get the picture that films like Angels & Demons don't exactly fit into their awards plans. So when Movieline reported that Harvey Weinstein failed to send out screeners to the WGA (a group that, unlike the Directors' Guild, allows such promotional refresher courses), the assumption was one that he had given up on a number of his titles. Harvey give up? The man who got The Reader nominated over The Dark Knight? The hell you say.