Well, here it finally is, folks -- The A-Team trailer. The Film Stage spotted that the Edmonton Journal (a Canadian newspaper) has uploaded the trailer for the '80s remake, and then whipped up a location-block free embed which you can check out after the jump.

The trailer is basically a re-do of the show's intro (which I'll also include after the trailer), talking about how these dudes were imprisoned, broke out, and are now for hire ... if you can find them. It's got the iconic score slow-played for recognition, and all of the main dudes getting their action on. So, you'd think that with all that, it would be great (or at least good) ... right?

Not quite. Where the original intro was fun and fuel-pumping, this trailer is just tired, personality-free pastiche. The trailer takes itself a little too seriously, as do most of Hollywood's remakes of cult fare. B.A. Baracus seems to have lost all of his cool without Mr. T. Even Liam Neeson -- a casting choice I actually really liked -- seemed ... off. Not that you even see much of the cast. Although the trailer takes the first part of the intro, they leave off the team's introductions. But worst of all -- don't dare retread on the intro if the voice can't deliver it. That overwrought Hollywood trailer voice that needs to die has now taken the great, tongue-in-cheek intro and tried. to make it. an. epic. story. It just doesn't work, and I've now lost the fleeting interest I've had in this remake. Give me the ol' guys any day. (Note: We'll update this post when the HD version arrives online.)

Agree? Or, do you think I'm nuts and find yourself salivating over the new A-Team?