I'd really like to take a look at the script for Marvel's upcoming Thor. Not because I want to spoil it for myself or so I can tantalize you with details of what to expect in the finished film, but because I want to know how it manages to balance what seems to be about 984 major speaking parts, all of which are apparently important enough to be played by semi-known, extremely talented thespians. It's Branagh, isn't it? Everyone wants to work with Kenneth Branagh.

Now, Adriana Barraza has joined the cast, playing "a human." Which means she won't be playing a god. And that's about all the news that's fit to print.

We last saw Barraza throwing down with demons in Sam Raimi's wonderful Drag Me to Hell, but most probably remember her from her rightfully Oscar-nominated turn in Babel. Normally, the news of such an interesting actress joining a superhero movie would raise a few eyebrows, but the cast of Thor has already proven itself to be unpredictable.

Thor is getting ready to shoot sometime this month for a summer 2011 release.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)
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