I keep forgetting about the medieval action film Ironclad though it looms on this year's horizon. But given the deluge of marketing and release dates forgetting can be a good thing, because then you're pleasantly surprised when Empire gets an exclusive image of James Purefoy whipping it out. His broadsword, that is. I don't know what else you might be thinking. You'll have to click on the image or the link to see it in it's enormous entirety.

Obviously, it reveals nothing other than blood and a very authentic weave to Purefoy's tunic, but it's still pretty cool. I thought Ironclad was just a fictional story set in a historical period, but apparently it's about King John's siege of Rochester Castle during the First Barons War. If you want to make a movie about a medieval siege, that's a very good one to pick. One chronicler wrote that "no one alive can remember a siege so fiercely pressed and so manfully resisted" which should translate into lot of gore, sweat, and screams for moviegoers. It'll also mean a lot of scenery chewing for Paul Giamatti -- in real life, King John built a memorial to the pigs that supplied the fat for the siege fires. He built it simultaneously with the gallows he intended to hang the defenders on. History is very underrated when it comes to wacky villains.

Medieval warfare and Purefoy. (What can I say? My soft spot for him grew when he said "Elisabeth -- a fine name!" at ComicCon.) I think Ironclad could be my favorite movie of the year, provided it gets a U.S. distributor.

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