I have to imagine it's hard for an actor or actress to be interviewed for the same film time and time again, trying to come with new ways to answer the same old, tired questions. Even harder, then, is to be interviewed by two people at the same time -- two guys who have different wants and needs (one's a movie reporter and the other is a men's lifestyle reporter). That's exactly what our friends over at Moviefone attempted to do with Michael Cera for the film Youth in Revolt ... and the results are pretty unique and funny.

They're calling it Dueling Interviewers, and it's a little idea we may or may not see more of in the future (I'd personally like to see more of it, so maybe we'll work up a petition over the weekend or something). My good pal Kevin Polowy sat in for Moviefone, while Anthony Layser tossed out questions on behalf of Asylum.com, AOL's men's lifestyle blog. So for every "What was it like filming the movie", you then got "What's your favorite beer?" Of course, when your subject is the extremely passive Michael Cera, the jokes just sort of write themselves.

Watch the video interview after the jump. Hopefully it will convince you to go see Youth in Revolt this weekend. Because you should. Go see it, I mean. It's funny. And good for you, too!