Yep. That's Michael Cera wielding a flaming katana while doing battle on what appears to be some sort of pyramid of death. Finally, a piece of news from Edgar Wright's upcoming Scott Pilgrim vs the World that showcases that this is not just a zany romantic comedy, but a zany romantic comedy with sword fights...and ninjas, robots, psychic powers, demons and video game logic.

I love Scott Pilgrim. I was a skeptic about this much beloved manga-inspired Canadian comic series about the titular character's quest to win the girl of his dreams by defeating her seven evil ex-boyfriends, but after speeding through all five released volumes last month, I'm a full-blown convert. Comics rarely have the heart, humor and humanity of Bryan Lee O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim. Neither do most regular books. Or movies.

This is the third film from writer/director Edgar Wright, a man whose previous work felt like he was prepping for something as bizarre, fun, dense and ambitious as the Scott Pilgrim saga. Will he be able to tell the complete story without losing the details that make the comic so special? How will will he end the whole shebang when O'Malley himself hasn't even finished the last book yet? I don't know, but in Edgar Wright I trust.

Scott Pilgrim vs the World may not necessarily represent "science fiction," but it's the type of movie that should appeal to anyone who bothers to read a science fiction news website. There are no superheroes or interstellar wars here...Scott Pilgrim is a human story told through a lens permeated by geek culture.

In Edgar Wright we trust.

(Via Ain't It Cool, where you find a much larger version of the pic)
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