Once again, these are not pitches from the trades, and as far as I know they have never been proposed to any producers, in Hollywood or elsewhere. The following pitch is merely an idea for a movie that I would like to see. If you agree or disagree, vote after the synopsis.

Queens Odyssey

Based on a September New York magazine article titled "Krishna Gone Missing,"Queens Odyssey tells the true story of a three-day journey made by 53-year-old Krishna Gurung around the NYC borough of Queens after taking a wrong turn home from a jog on a rainy Friday morning. The proud Nepalese woman, who speaks no English and wears a lot of expensive jewelry during her daily runs, proceeds to wander the urban jungle for 53 hours without a cellphone, map or familiarity with many parts of the city outside of a 20-block radius near her daughter's home in Woodside.
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