Every January there's at least one awful comedy aimed at female audiences that makes you wonder how dumb Hollywood thinks women are. Last year it was Bride Wars and New in Town. In 2008 it was 27 Dresses. This year it's Leap Year's turn to suck.

Amy Adams, in an egregious misuse of Amy Adams, stars as Anna, a punctual, precise woman who has a terrific career in real estate but will not be happy until her cardiologist boyfriend marries her. His name is Jeremy (Adam Scott), and though they've been dating for four years, he has yet to pop the question. He is not neglectful or mean or any of the other things that the Wrong Boyfriend usually is in these movies. His only fault, apart from checking his e-mail at dinner (and he IS a cardiologist, for crying out loud), is that he has so far failed to buy her an engagement ring.

But then Anna is reminded that according to Irish custom, on Feb. 29 a woman is allowed to propose marriage to a man. (If she were to do this on any other day, the woman would of course be put to death for her brazenness.) As it happens, Jeremy is going to Ireland for a medical convention. And as it happens, he'll be there on Feb. 29. And as it happens, Anna has nothing better to do than drop everything, buy a last-minute ticket to Dublin, and show up to surprise Jeremy with a marriage proposal. You will agree that this plan is utterly flawless and logically sound.