Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can -- but what Spidey can't appear to do is settle on a release date for 'Spider-Man 4.'As we previously reported, the latest installment of the web-slinging franchise has found itself tangled in a web of delays thanks to indecision over the script; director Sam Raimi is allegedly experiencing some resistance from Sony over his plan to focus solely on feathered nemesis the Vulture in Spidey's fourth outing.

Sony, apparently having learned nothing from the convoluted mess of 'Spider-Man 3' and its cavalcade of villains (Sandman, Venom and Green Goblin II) are pushing for the inclusion of slinky cat-burglar the Black Cat as a romantic foil for Peter Parker and his wall-crawling alter-ego.

Now, the man behind the spandex is throwing in his two cents; although judging by his recent comments to the Associated Press, webs aren't the only thing Tobey Maguire is adept at spinning.
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