Do you ever get into the mindless, trance-like state of web browsing, clicking link after link until something good snaps you out of it and then you wonder, "Wait a second, how did I get here?" Well that just happened with me. I don't remember what it was that inspired me to go pull up the trailer for Christoph Gans' Silent Hill film adaptation (which is a movie I wasn't pleased with at first, but have since grown to love), but I'd like to buy whatever it was a beer as I ended up coming across the first ever trailer for the original Silent Hill game and sweet zombie babies do I dig it.

This debuted at the 1998 Electronic Entertainment Expo, well before everything at E3 found its way online within minutes of exhibition. The Sony Playstation had been out for about for four years and developers were finally hitting their stride with mature, adult titles. Konami, who had impressed a year prior at E3 with the first footage from a little game called Metal Gear Solid, in particular was really pushing the limits of the medium. So imagine being at said expo and seeing a trailer for something that looked less like a Resident Evil clone and more along the lines of a David Lynch film made with Playstation graphics.

Makes me want to play the game all over again. I love it.
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