Can we all agree that Neill Blomkamp is the guy to watch when it comes to intriguing new science fiction films? Okay, I'd toss Duncan Jones up there with him, too, but that just ruins the elegance of my opening paragraph. Ruins it!

The LA Times has an excellent three-part discussion with the filmmaker, with Part One about his reaction to the success of District 9 and his desire to work outside of Hollywood, Part Two about his future plans, including further low-budget sci-fi and possibly some comedy, and Part Three about a little bit of everything, including video games, emerging technology and, uh, a District 9 prequel.

C'mon, Neill. There already is a District 9 prequel. It's called the faux documentary that opens the movie. What else do we need to know? Really? I'm not particularly interested in a sequel, either (the open ending is pretty much perfect), but that would definitely be preferable to treading old ground.

Thankfully, the prequel idea comes off as Blomkamp just pondering out loud and not him seriously considering it. The man has big plans and he's way too smart to be that stupid. We can tell that much from the rest of the interview, where he comes off as a man right at home with a lower budget but with a desire to make something epic. Although my second viewing of District 9 left me not loving it quite as much as the first viewing, it's impossible to deny the talent on display. The film world needs more Blomkamps.
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