Maybe it didn't make Transformers-sized piles of cash, but G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra turned out to be a hit when all was said and done, striking a chord with kids and kids-at-heart despite some negative pre-release buzz. IESB reports that Paramount is moving ahead with a sequel to be penned by Rhett Reese and Paul Wemick, the screenwriters behind Sony's surprise hit Zombieland.

I think there's only room for improvement as far as a G.I. Joe sequel is concerned. The first one was just a touch too dopey for my taste, though I did enjoy large portions of it and could appreciate what Stephen Sommers was trying to do. If I were an eleven-year old kid, G.I. Joe could've easily been my favorite film of the Summer.

Reese and Wemick are hot writers right now, making news earlier in the week with the official announcement that they're taking a crack at Fox's solo Deadpool movie. I think the sensibilities they displayed in Zombieland are perfect for Deadpool, but I'm curious how they'll approach G.I. Joe 2. Are they being brought on to provide the same tongue-in-cheek tone as the original or will they move the story forward in a less cornball way?
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