One of the most intriguing films to emerge last year was Dutch filmmaker Tom Six's The Human Centipede. Yes, the title pretty much tells you what to expect. The film recounts the story of a mad doctor who wants to take people, remove their knees, and sew them together (mouth to anus...) to craft the titular beast for some odd reason. It created quite a buzz on the festival circuit. Even more amazing is that it's merely the first film in a planned trilogy.

However, unless you make it to the festivals, you missed out on seeing the film. The good news is that IFC is set to remedy that problem soon. ShockTillYouDrop broke news earlier this afternoon about the company's plan to bring The Human Centipede to American audiences as part of its IFC Theaters platform, which promises a limited theatrical release and Video On Demand debut on the very same day.

IFC President Jonathan Sehring had this to say about the announcement:

"Echoing back to the early works of David Cronenberg, 'The Human Centipede' is a landmark work in the horror genre, taking the "mad doctor" conceit and perversely twisting it into a mind-boggling roller coaster ride. Everyone at IFC is excited to introduce such a unique talent as Tom Six to American audiences and it's a perfect film for our theatrical and VOD platforms."

No release date has been set for The Human Centipede, but we'll bring it to you as soon it's announced.

Jump past the break for a clip from the film.

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