Matthew Broderick has moved comfortably into the mid-point in his acting career, and ever since he nailed it in Election, he's played several characters who are at breaking points in their lives. Beyond his voice acting in several Lion King sequels (and Bee Movie), he's been content to move beyond spectacle films and into character pieces, and his latest film Wonderful Worldis no different.

In this film he plays Ben Singer, a failed children's folk artist who is now divorced, on the way to alienating his daughter with all his talk about conspiracies and "The Man", and he's eight years into a job as a proofreader where he doesn't mix well with his coworkers. He shares his cramped apartment with a roommate from Senegal, while spending his free time smoking marijuana and playing chess. It might not sound like a wonderful world, but he's comfortable in it.

The movie opens in limited release in New York and California this weekend, but you can actually catch it in the comfort of your own home right now on VOD at places like Amazon. It's a great movie, and worth your time. Just don't expect Boobs and Explosions XXIV. We talked to Broderick about his role, acting, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, theater, and more. Check out the full interview after the break.