"It is not heresy...and I will not recant!" says Christopher Lee in Hammer Films' curtain call, To the Devil a Daughter. My sentiment exactly in choosing the number two Hammer Glamour actress, Nastassja Kinski, who appeared in only one Hammer movie but left a lasting impression on audiences. Already ancient by the time my young and impressionable eyes found it, this film was an introduction to what would become my unhealthy addiction to nunsploitation sinema.

The power of Christ compels me to tell you more about the 1976 film that was adapted from the 1953 novel of the same name by Dennis Wheatley. Hammer and Wheatley had already been pals since 1968 when another one of his novels was brought to life by the studio, The Devil Rides Out. This happens to be Sir Christopher Lee's favorite role with Hammer and an excellent film. Much more so than the oversimplified Daughter which comes in such an attractive package that I have no trouble embracing its exploitation. What Daughter lacks in coherence it makes up for in atmosphere alone.
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