Mobile, Alabama, may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of indie film. I've never been. I'm sure it's a lovely place, but really? Honest to God, indie entrepreneurs? Kicking ass and taking names? In Mobile? And yet it is indeed happening. Fighting Owl films has taken the reins. Fed up with sequels and remakes, they want to bring back a bit of that early 80's magic to horror. At least their twisted little hearts are in the right place.

After getting some capricious internet love, as well as kudos from luminaries like Fangoria, they decided to go into the breach and make it happen. Beginning in May, they're expanding a successful short film into a full blown feature entitled, The Night Shift.

Below you can see the seeds they've planted, in the form of the original short film. It's distinctly microbudget, but they gave those dollars a good, firm stretching. Only a few frayed edges, like the day-for-night shots, reveal the low budget. I got a kick out of it. There's a heavy dose of nostalgia there for horror flicks that don't take themselves too seriously. It's irreverent, charming, and unapologetically goofy. If you've got 23 minutes to spare, check it out.
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