She's Out of My League
An airport security guard falls for a gorgeous blonde who, as the title points out, is out of his league. Jay Baruchel stars and this looks like another attempt to duplicate the Apatow formula. This one hits on March 12.

Our Family Wedding
A comedy about an ethnically mixed couple getting married which causes their respective fathers to butt heads. Hardly an original concept. I'll be skipping this one but those who are interested can check this one out on March 19.

Cold Weather
Yet another film that could be brilliant but you sure can't tell from the preview. "I'm a trailer for an indie drama," it seems to be saying, "and I am infuriatingly vague." No release information yet.

Celine Through the Eyes of the World

Documentary following French-Canadian pop diva Celine Dion on her world tour as she tries to balance her performances with family life. Watch for this some time in February.