There have been a myriad of jokes thrown towards The Twilight Saga, but I doubt any will match the response that will surely be lodged when and if Breaking Dawn makes it to the big screen. The LA Times talked with Twilight Saga producer Wyck Godfrey about how on earth they could possibly make the final installment into a movie, and he lodged his ... rather interesting thoughts. (Spoiler alert: Do not continue reading if you aren't familiar with BD's plot.)

As I've already written, it will be really hard to make Breaking Dawn into a movie. It's a big, super-long horndog-fest with a bloody and gruesome birth, a lot of time with the wolves, a huge cast of supporting roles, and perhaps most importantly -- a child who ages in the blink of an eye. Godfrey says: "It's a work in process. The issue [of whether there will be one or two movies] is not going to be resolved until we get the full treatment and see whether it's organic... It's a very long single movie if it does become a single movie." He went on to say that he doesn't think Chris Weitz will return, and that whoever helms the piece will have to be good with both actors and effects, the latter most due to the big challenge: Renesmee.
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