When you see the words Resident Evil and motorcycle in the same sentence, the first thing that comes to mind is the ludicrous sequence from Resident Evil: Extinction that finds Milla Jovovich riding a motorcycle along the vertical face of a sky scrapper. Don't worry, that's not the motorcycle I'm trying to convince you to buy. I'm talking about a chopper that Capcom had custom made by Savage Cycles.

The two-wheeled death machine was unveiled in its final state at this year's CES (that's Consumer Electronics Show for the non-nerds out there reading about motorcycles adapted from video games) and comes equipped with everything you need to cut a vehicular swath through zombie hordes:

- First aid spray
- Red and Green herbs (mix them for extra potency!)
- Grenades
- Machete
- Bow gun ammo storage
- Shotgun
- Grenade Launcher
- Trophy Skulls
- Style
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