Now that Avataris the second-highest-grossing film of all time, 3D is finally confirmed as the future of movies. In a way, it's as if The Jazz Singerhadn't really harked the arrival of talkies and instead it took until Frankensteinarrived four years later to prove converting to sound was truly worth it. Anyway, just as films in production in the late 1920s were quickly turned into talkies, this year we keep hearing word of upcoming blockbusters being turned into 3D releases. For example, The Sunday Times is certain Ridley Scott's Robin Hood will indeed be available, as rumored, in both 3D and 2D versions when it opens this May (UPDATE: Universal says the Times is incorrect in this information).

The Times additionally reports on what we've been expecting for years now, that theatrical favorites like Star Warsand Lord of the Ringswill now definitely receive 3D-version re-releases. The LOTR trilogy could apparently be out in the format by Christmas 2012, timed to follow the release of the second part of The Hobbit (which may end up being 3D after all, too). Action sequences from the films have already been tested in 3D by the effects company Weta and are quoted as being "gob-smacking." The Times believes the Star Wars trilogies will be retrofitted for 3D even sooner, with George Lucas already spending $10 million for the conversion.